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Workshops For Organizations

Ritual Works creates transformative opportunities for business, community and educational organizations.
I serve:

  1. businesses
  2. schools and colleges
  3. arts organizations
  4. municipal associations
  5. yoga groups
  6. senior groups

Imagine that the groups of people you manage could more effectively achieve common goals, improve their communication, engage their innovative and creative skills, or globalize and broaden their perspectives. RitualWorks can create a ritual for you to help you renew your energy for going forward. Workshops developed by RitualWorks can help your group recover from a loss, reawaken dormant creativity, or begin a new project with improved trust and teamwork.

Workshops for groups and organizations include:

Downsizing Workshop (example)
Creativity Workshop (example)
New Venture Workshop (example)

Your productivity is directly proportional to how well your group functions. If your team is having trouble functioning well as a group it is less likely to meet its goals. Stressors on groups can include:

Downsizing: Staff may be feeling vulnerable, resentful at the loss of valued coworkers.

Low creativity or morale: Sometimes morale and creativity decline, and you need to reinvigorate your staff so that they can face future challenges creatively and positively.

New venture: Undertaking a new venture can be both exciting and stressful. People may be unsure of what is expected of them, or anxious about the outcome.

You may already know that you have a problem and what it is. Or, you may suspect a problem but need help identifying it. Or, you may want to be proactive in helping your staff begin a new challenge in a way that is socially healthy, so that morale problems donít develop along the way. This is the best way to go about supporting your staff, because once problems become entrenched they are more difficult to resolve.