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Individuals and Families

RitualWorks helps you:

  1. reawaken your creativity
  2. reconnect to your values
  3. recommit to your vocation or vision
  4. feel better situated in the global community of humanity
  5. experience change fully, acknowledging both what is lost and what is gained

As a ritual artist I draw inspiration from cultures around the world and their traditions; and from watching people face challenges and transformations with courage and creativity.

Life Cycle Ceremonies

  1. Coming-of-age: Rituals to enhance a bar/bat mitzvah or for milestone birthdays.
  2. Baby-naming: Ceremonies to welcome a baby to the world.
  3. Wedding or commitment: Ceremonies for those who want a meaningful alternative.
  4. Elder awakenings: Moving into the post-retirement phase of life. Learn about elders in Native American and Chinese cultures; honor your own wisdom, body, and energy.
  5. Funeral or memorial service: For those seeking a meaningful and more personal alternative to traditional funerals.
  6. Groundbreakings and housewarmings: Start off on the right foot by having an inauguration ceremony at your new home or office.
  7. Labor and birth: Celebrate generativity and the coming of new life into the world.

Seasonal and Other Services

  1. Seasonal passages: Winter/ Summer Solstice and Spring/Fall Equinox customs from around the world.
  2. Mihragan/Vartavar: Celebrate the fertility of nature and humanity through participating in an Armenian fire and water ritual.
  3. Artistic practice in the village: A participatory dance and singing workshop. Reintegrate the muse into your daily life. No musical or dance experience necessary.
  4. Foodways and eating: Ceremonial foods and spiritual practice from around the world.
  5. Women’s spirituality: Explore and develop your spiritual awareness.