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34 South St.
Barrington, RI 02806

Please contact me at okoomian@ritualworks.com with any questions about the work, and ideas you'd like to bring to it.

I create ceremonial observances for milestone events in your life. I work with you to craft and conduct a personally meaningful ceremony, suited to your style and values. Services begin at $150; they include at least one meeting with you and conducting the ritual. Additional services or meetings can be added on as you wish.

"The ritual that you helped me create around "retiring" my uterus put meaning, comfort and harmony to what others may simply view as a surgical procedure.  As careful as I wanted to be in choosing the best and most experienced surgeon, I put equal care in seeking you out as a guide to meaningful ritual.  Spending time with you helped me weave together all the strong and ambivalent feelings that accompanied this passage. What a heart filled celebration.  I believe that doing the ritual prior to the surgery infused by mind, body and soul with wonderful, vibrant healing energies.  Both the ritual and procedure turned out better than I had hoped."   (Jane Knight)