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Workshops For Leaders and Executives

You attend to the complexities of your job every day, and you do so with energy and commitment. Stewardship of your organization means giving fully of yourself to the needs of the organization and of its employees.

But what sustains you as you are expected to sustain others? How do you keep yourself at once focused upon the practical necessities of running your business and grounded in the larger human needs of a group of people engaged in joint endeavor? How do you replenish your energies, your vision, your optimism, and your ability to find satisfaction in your work?

RitualWorks can create a ritual for you to help you take stock of where you are in your career and your organization, and to renew your energy for going forward. You may find that you can bring yourself more fully to your work, with more clarity of vision about the value of your work and the relationships you have in your workplace community.

"Whether it's for family milestones or professional events, I rely on Janice's imagination and experience to help me create the perfect ceremony-- celebratory, whimsical, inspiring or thought-provoking, whatever's right for the occasion." 
(Karen M., Brookline, Mass.)