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RitualWorks helps individuals, teams and group leaders:

  1. reawaken your creativity
  2. reconnect to your values
  3. recommit to your vocation or vision
  4. feel better situated in the global community of humanity
  5. experience change fully, acknowledging what is lost and what is gained

I customize rituals for organizations, individuals and families. And please download the - RitualWorks brochure

Individuals and Families
Ritual Works deepens and enriches your experience of life transitions. I create ceremonial observances of milestone events, seasonal celebrations, and rituals that promote spiritual discovery and creativity development. More:

  1. EXAMPLE: A renewal of wedding vows. We gathered symbols unique to the couple: water imagery for the ocean lover, a heart-shaped stone that had been a gift from one partner to the other, a Celtic handfasting to represent the participants’ Irish ancestry.

For business and professional groups, I offer clients a unique and compelling method of organizational development using ritual as a primary tool of engagement. More:

  1. EXAMPLE: An open house for a university multicultural center. We set up stations where visitors could participate in traditional New Year's activities from several cultures.

Workshops for Leaders
As a leader, you are charged with the responsibility for the well-being of your organization and its members. But what sustains you as you are expected to sustain others? More:

  1. EXAMPLE: A send-off ritual for the director of a library taking a new job in the Middle East. We packed him a “suitcase” of symbols: A quilt with an image of a palm tree, an Arabic phrase book, a recipe, the Sunday Times Crossword puzzle, and a compass.