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For millennia, human cultures have used ritual activities to form and maintain healthy communities, to help people adjust to new circumstances of living, and to acknowledge life cycle transitions.

Many people think of ritual only in negative terms, as a sign of social or psychological dysfunction, mindless conformity, or outmoded tradition. When we do participate in rituals, we may go through the motions without reaping any of the benefits. Ritual may seem pointless or even ridiculous.

As a ritual artist, my philosophy is that ritual should not be solely repetitive but must instead be always adapted to the present situation. I call this creative ritual. Creative ritual allows us to reawaken and reinvigorate our sense of being connected to other people in our communities, to nature and the seasons, and to history and the past, and this in turn helps us feel more empowered and sustained.

Creative ritual also helps people experience ritual more deeply by inviting them to contribute to the ritual’s content. Finally, because creative ritual incorporates multiple registers of consciousness and activity (the intellectual, the social, the emotional, and the artistic), it allows a wide range of people to engage in the ritual and have a meaningful experience.

"Janice took great pains to get to know us before our ceremony. In doing so, we had an evening that was so perfectly suited to who we are and what the reaffirmation of our vows to one another meant to us and our lives together. It was a beautiful and blessed event we will remember forever." (Joanna and Fred Senay)

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